Social Collaboration for Dummies
David F. Carr is the author of Social Collaboration for Dummies

David F. Carr and Beth Anne Carr provide writing, editing, and web consulting services.

David is the Chief Evangelist for Redbooth, creator of a collaboration hub that improves the productivity of teams and organizations of all sizes. He is the Author of “Social Collaboration for Dummies,” which he wrote while working as an editor at InformationWeek who had covered social and collaboration technology and served as a track chair at the Enterprise 2.0 conference series.

In addition to covering social business, David has written about education technology trends, healthcare IT, and IT for state and federal government. He is a former Technology Editor of Baseline Magazine and Internet World.

Web Development

Our web development services are focused on making your business, organization, or campaign more effective and efficient. Even if you have been on the Internet for years, Carr Communications wants to know Is Your Website Working for You?

Our services:

  • Internet strategy consulting
  • Website development and management
  • WordPress design, customization, and plugin development
  • Creating Web templates and style sheets
  • Adding interactivity to Web sites with PHP scripting and MySQL databases
  • Payment processing through PayPal
  • Managing email marketing campaigns
  • Web site “rescue” – batting clean-up after a web site owners have lost faith in their previous web developers, or been abandoned by a developer whom they were dependent upon for updates
  • Campaign web sites with self-service editing, volunteer sign-ups, events and RSVPs, and online donations.

Editorial Services

  • Technical writing and editing
  • Ghost writing articles and editorials
  • Designing brochures, manuals, and other publications
  • Writing and editing copy for Web sites
  • Writing and editing technical white paper, such as this one for Trolltech

David was Technology Editor for Baseline Magazine, a Ziff Davis Enterprise publication dedicated to case studies about the effective use of information technology, from 2001-2007, and previously played a similar role at Internet World Magazine. Some of his articles are available here as PDF downloads on the Clips page.

David’s  magazine work has also given him the opportunity to research the inner workings of some of the world’s largest web operations, including Google, Yahoo, and MySpace. As a web developer, he has created WordPress plugins including RSVPMaker and Facebook Tab Manager.

Beth Anne has worked as a technical writer and editor in the computer industry, notably for Hyperion Software. Along the way, she studied relational database theory and financial accounting. She also did user interface design and freelance competititive intelligence work for Hyperion.

Beth Anne contributes to the design of Carr Communications websites and created the “dignified donkey” logo for the Democratic Professionals Council, which became their registered trademark. See Beth Anne’s Designs.

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