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David F. Carr Elevator Pitch

Hello, my name is David Carr. I am a writer, editor, and web consultant.

I write a column on technologies for small to midsize businesses for and also freelance for publications such as CIO Magazine. I’m a former Technology Editor of Internet World Magazine and Baseline Magazine, where I had the opportunity to profile major internet operations like Google, Yahoo!, and MySpace, as well as report in depth case studies on corporate IT.

I also do ghost writing and produce white papers and other marketing materials for corporate clients.

As a consultant, I help small businesses and nonprofits use the web, email, and social networks more effectively to promote themselves and make money. My practical web skills include PHP programming, WordPress customization, and integration web services such as PayPal. I also boost my clients search engine rankings using tools like WordTracker and Google Analytics.

I bring a mix of editorial, analytical, and technical skills to any project I undertake, whether that means writing search optimized headlines for articles I write for publication, polishing the front page copy for a website, or monitoring the feedback to a web or email campaign.

I’m looking to bring those skills to organizations that would value that mix, either on a fulltime or contract basis.

My editors, colleagues, and clients will all tell you what a reliable and resourceful guy I am, and I look forward to proving it to you.

Latest incarnation of my explanation of who I am and what I do, prepared for a career seminar.

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