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Hire Me as Your Web Consultant If …

Truth is, I’m not the right web consultant or webmaster for everyone. But while chatting with a CPA about my business strategy, I reminded myself of some of the advantages I offer that others don’t. For example:

  • Hire me if you want a writer and editor, not just a technician. Because of my background as a Technology Editor for Internet World and current role as a tech columnist for, as well as years of web copywriting and work with clients other marketing materials, I can help you define your message and create compelling copy.
  • Hire me if you want to pursue sustainable search engine optimization. The right way to do it is by creating compelling content that people will want to link to and search engines will want to index. We can bake targeted keywords into the headlines and body copy for the search engines, while still delivering something humans will want to read. But it takes work and patience. Beware of hustlers promising easy riches.
  • Hire me if you want help with web strategy. If you know exactly what you want and how to achieve it, you can hire cheap coders from overseas to accomplish it, and I can’t afford to compete with their rates. But if you want help translating your business goals into a web strategy, hire me.
  • Hire me if you want the option of being independent or self-sufficient. Virtually all my work these days is based on the WordPress web publishing system, which allows me to give my clients a password they can use to post their own blog entries and page edits. Even if you want me to make the updates most of the time, you should have the option of doing yourself if you need something posted (or deleted) quickly and I am unavailable. I strongly recommend against hiring a webmaster who won’t give you that level of access to your own website.
  • Hire me if you want someone who is flexible, adaptable, and multi-talented. If you have a bigger budget, maybe you can afford to hire a whole team of people, each with a specialty in writing, editing, graphics, programming, database, JavaScript, and so on. I can do a little bit of everything, or pull in subcontractors as necessary.
  • Hire me if you want help with email marketing and social media, not just the website. I’ve worked with several systems for distributing email and learned all the hard lessons about spam filters and the varying HTML support of different email clients. I actively work my Facebook and Twitter accounts, and I’m up to 1,400+ professional contacts on LinkedIn.
  • Hire me if what I have to offer matches what your business or organization needs. Contact me at 954-757-5827 or

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