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Caspio Makes It Easy to Create Facebook Apps

With Caspio, creating Facebook apps is as easy as creating any other kind of web database application. Visit to see several of the familiar samples from our App Gallery running inside Facebook, as shown below.

Sample Caspio Apps on Facebook

This is a powerful capability, allowing you to interact with Facebook users within the comfortable environment of the service, rather than asking them to click away to another website. You can include the Facebook page address for your Caspio application in Facebook advertising campaigns, or in links you send to other users.

The process takes just a few easy steps. You register your application with Facebook, setting the application “canvas” to either the Direct from Caspio deployment URL or the web address of a page on your own site in which you have embedded the Caspio JavaScript widget. Detailed instructions are available at

Note: I’m working with Caspio on promotional writing for their service.

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