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Caspio Plugin Update

Version 1.1 of the Caspio Deploy2 WordPress plugin simplifies the shortcode format you can use to include content from the cloud database service. Instead of pasting a JavaScript or PHP snippet into the WordPress editor, you can paste the URL for the service into a [caspio] shortcode format. This is modeled on the way WordPress lets you embed videos using the [embed] shortcode.

To get that URL, toggle the deployment window to “Direct from Caspio” and copy the address as shown below.

Copy the "Direct to Caspio" URL

Embedded deployment (JavaScript widget):


SEO Deployment (content pulled from Caspio, then delivered from your server):

[caspio seo=”″ style=”l”]

If you omit the style parameter, the default value of “l” (lower case “L”) will be used.

The output from these two examples is shown below. Note that the second version, the SEO Deployment one, looks slightly different because it is picking up CSS stylings from this website.


[caspio seo=”″]

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