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Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress Shortcode Options

Facebook Tab Manager has been upgraded to include a few new shortcode options.

  • To include a JavaScript widget, such as one of the Facebook Social Plugins, paste it into the WordPress editor in Visual mode and wrap it with [fbtab]WIDGET-CONTENT-HERE[/fbtab]. The shortcode processing function will fix the HTML entities the editor adds on angle brackets and quotation marks.
  • To include blog post or paste content, you can use [fbtab query=”QUERY-STRING”] where the query string is something like p=1 category_name=facebook-tab-manager — see the documentation for the query_posts function for possible values. You can also use a format attribute of format="headline" or format="excerpt".
  • Update: Also see the post on conditional display of content depending on whether the user has Liked / not yet Liked your page.

See the Tab Manager tab at for an example using [fbtab query=”category_name=facebook-tab-manager” format=”excerpt”]

Here is what it looks like in the editor:

fbtab shortcode

WordPress makes it easy to generate the JavaScript XFBML code used here with the utilities on the Social Plugins page. For this example, I left the ID field blank, allowing the widget to default to associating content with the page it is embedded in (in this case, the underlying web page that appears in the iframe).

Obtaining Social Plugin Code

If you’re using other WordPress plugins to generate FB integration code, some of what I’m showing here may not be necessary. But it still may be handy for some folks trying to get stuff done quickly.

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