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How to Pull Blog Content Into a Facebook Page Tab

This is a usage example for the Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress plugin, which lets you create and edit content to be displayed on Facebook from within the WordPress editor.

This is the clippings page tab for my work as a tech journalist:

Facebook screenshot - Facebook Tab Manager
Clippings Page Tab

and here is how it was composed in WordPress

Editor screenshot - Facebook Tab Manager
Page Tab Content in the WordPress Editor

This example uses the fbtab shortcode, which allows me to pull in a category from my blog. I could also just pull in the latest posts, or a single post I wanted to feature.

I set the links to open in a new window, because the full posts won’t display properly within the narrow IFrame of my page tab. I have my template set to execute all the normal wp_head actions, one of which is a Twentyten theme action to set the page background image. I then add a little bit of CSS to provide a different background for my #content div and styling for the links (based on the color of Jupiter’s ruddy clouds).

For a finishing touch, I found a free clip art image of a pair of scissors and changed the icon to be displayed next to my tab using the Facebook Developer utility on

After you download theĀ Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress plugin, there’s more documentation on how to register your content on the plugin homepage and this category of my blog. I’ve also tried to make the UI as self-explanatory as I know how.

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