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Liked/Not Liked Content Support Added to Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress

Facebook Tab Manager 2.3 lets you specify that content should be shown or not shown depending on whether the viewer has Liked the page that your tab is embedded in.

  • Add like=”1″ to the fbtab shortcode if content should only be displayed to people who have liked the page
  • Add like=”0″ to the fbtab shortcode if content should only be displayed to people who have NOT liked the page
  • You can add an explanation in either of these two cases such as message=”You must like this page before this super-special content will be displayed.”

Update April 2011: Added an fblike shortcode as an alternative to fbtab. Takes all the same parameters, including like=”1″ and like=”0″ but I recommend using fblike to wrap around a block of content such as an image that will only be shown to new people who haven’t yet liked your page. Use fbtab if the content wrapped in the shortcode is JavaScript or other fancy coding (background).

Consider this an experimental function and test it before you use it too aggressively.
Note that when you preview the content on your own website, it will be displayed as in the “not liked” mode because it’s not being viewed from within Facebook.

Update: I added a tab to to illustrate this better. What you will see there is the equivalent of this content, as recorded in the WordPress editor for FB Tab Manager:

Liked/Not Liked content in Facebook Tab Manager

More info: fbtab shortcode, Facebook Tab Manager home page


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