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Updates to Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress

I continue to update Facebook Tab Manager aggressively, maybe too much so. I really should have called the first version 0.1, as I’ve now put out so many upgrades and fixes that it’s at version 2.1 — less than two weeks after the initial release.

Facebook Tab Manager lets you prepare and edit content to be displayed on Facebook as just another kind of post within the WordPress editor. When you publish your post, Facebook tab manager displays instructions for registering your content in the Facebook Developer application. This is a good way of maximizing the free resources Facebook provides for sharing your applications and marketing messages through the social media service. The content you display on Facebook can include the output of other plugins, using WordPress APIs such as shortcodes and content filters.

You can now create either a simple page tab, or both a tab and a canvas page (you view a tab embedded within a Facebook page for your business or organization, whereas a canvas is viewed, outside the context of a page).

After some futzing around, and feedback from early users of the plugin, I also figured out how to get rid of the scroll bar, and allow the page tab content to resize, for content that exceeds the default IFrame dimension of 800px tall.


Fixing template.php display for canvas pages


Correcting tab/canvas setup code.


  • Added checkbox option to set resize / auto resize for tabs taller than 800 pixels
  • You can now create both a tab and a canvas page for your application.


  • Added options page for setting defaults, such as filters to ignore and CSS to apply
  • Clarified documentation for how to fill out the Facebook Developers form
  • Flush Rewrite Rules set to run every time on initialization (not supposed to be necessary, according to the documentation, but seems to work better on some configurations)


Refinements to shortcode function


Added  Shortcode documented on the Installation section of this document. Makes it easier to integrate blog content and JavaScript widgets such as Facebook plugins.


  • Added the ability to deactivate content filters when the fbtab template is displayed. This lets you eliminate plugin content modifications that are not appropriate for your Facebook tab.
  • Updated the instructions for configuration on Facebook.

1.1, 1.2, 1.3

Fixes to default styles handling, directory locations


First public release February 2011

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