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Facebook Tab Manager 2.6.8 Includes New Reveal Tab Option

The latest update to Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress includes a new option for doing a reveal tab or otherwise setting content that will only be displayed to people who have liked your page, with alternate content for people who have not yet done so.

You can still use the fbtab shortcode with the like=”1″ or like=”0″ attributes and wrap it around a block of content.

Alternately, you can use the like attribute in combination with getpostid, which may be cleaner. You can create two fbtab posts and pull them into a single post that includes the like/unlike code. You can also include a page or blog post this way.

[fbtab getpostid="5" like="1"]
[fbtab getpostid="1337" like="0"]

This would be displayed as the contents of post #5 shown to all the current fans. In my test, post #5 was an existing page. Post #1337 is an fbtab post containing a graphic, essentially an ad for people to like the page. As a marketing gambit, the idea is usually to tell people why they should like the page and then show them some super special content once they do so. You can see the results at the bottom of my Like/Not Like Demo page

I find shortcodes very flexible, but I have run into situations where having them mixed in with elaborately formatted content can lead to code getting scrambled.

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