I was trained as a journalist, spent most of my career as a journalist, and continue to write like a journalist on my blog at Forbes.com, but in the interest of full disclosure you should understand I am only a part-time journalist these days. I mainly make my living as an executive ghostwriter or brand journalist, meaning I spend less time being a skeptic and more time being an evangelist for companies and products. To some extent, I’ve tried to make the transition from journalist to pundit on the basis of my Social Collaboration for Dummies book. But I’m still a journalist at heart.

When I wear my journalist hat, I try to do so with integrity, which means disclosing potential conflicts of interest. If I interview you, I promise not to do so as competitive intelligence for another client, as opposed to journalistic research (although there is a limit to how much I can compartmentalize my brain). Further, if I write about your company or its products I promise not to do so with any hidden agenda. But I want you to make an informed decision before you grant an interview.