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The Facebook Tab Manager plugin for WordPress, which was used to produce this page tab is available at

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Facebook Tab Manager 2.8.7 Adds Theme / Template Options, Preloader Image

I figured out how to address a few requests for greater customization options and also how to add a preloader image if a pages are sometimes slow to load. The theme option was also partly inspired by my recent work on a Facebook extension to WP e-Commerce, which was a sort of spin-off of Facebook […]

Facebook Extension for WP e-Commerce

Based on the success of Facebook Tab Manager, I got contacted a few weeks ago by the makers of the WP e-Commerce plugin to consult on creating an extension that would allow merchants to display products with a version of their storefront embedded in a Facebook business page tab. An early version is available for […]

Facebook Tab Manager 2.8.5 – Tweaks to CSS and Reveal Tab Setup

The latest release of Facebook Tab Manager includes tweaks to the default CSS and handling of custom CSS. I also updated the Reveal Tab Setup Utility. From the changelog: CSS changes to prevent display of scroll bars, even when too-wide content such as a large image is included (width set on body, with overflow hidden) […]

How To Use Contact Form 7 with Facebook Tab Manager

One of the more useful features of Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress is that you can use it conjunction with other plugins to embed their functionality in a Facebook page tab. I’ve particularly gotten a number of requests for guidance on how to use Facebook Tab Manager with Contact Form 7, a popular forms management […]

Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress 2.8, Fix for Nesting of Shortcodes

Version 2.8 of the Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress has just been released. It fixes one important error with the handling of the included shortcodes for conditional display of content based on whether someone has liked your Facebook page. Something like the example below for displaying a form created with Gravity Forms only to page […]

Reveal Tab Setup in Facebook Tab Manager WordPress Plugin version 2.7.3

One of the things people want to do with Facebook Tab Manager is create a “reveal tab” effect where new visitors see one message, urging the people to click the LIKE button, and page fans see another message, perhaps displaying fan-only special offers or other content. I’ve already introduced several techniques based on the fbtab […]

Re-purpose a WordPress Post or Page with Facebook Tab Manager

I designed Facebook Tab Manager to let you create and update content for your Facebook business page using WordPress, but it’s also possible to re-purpose an existing blog post or page and display it within Facebook. You do this by adding the query parameter ?fb=tab to the end of the URL, for example: This […]

Facebook Tab Manager 2.6.8 Includes New Reveal Tab Option

The latest update to Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress includes a new option for doing a reveal tab or otherwise setting content that will only be displayed to people who have liked your page, with alternate content for people who have not yet done so. You can still use the fbtab shortcode with the like=”1″ […]

Facebook Tab Manager Setup Shortcut

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about promoting this plugin is seeing how people use it, often in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. The other day, I stumbled across a blog post by┬áMichael Brandvold who showed me a different way of adding a page tab that uses Facebook Tab Manager but shortcuts some of […]

Facebook Tab Manager for WordPress – Latest Updates

Here is a rundown on the latest updates to Facebook Tab Manager. More explanation after the bullet points. I will be doing a webinar on the use of the plugin Thursday April 14, 2011 at 7 pm ET (, and a recording will be available if I can figure out how to push the right […]

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