This is a demonstration of theĀ Facebook Tab Manager WordPress plugin, showing how certain content can be set to display or not display, depending on whether the viewer has clicked the Like button on my page. If you have already Liked the page, go here to see what it would look like to a newcomer.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="size-medium wp-image-719" title="self portrait" src="" alt="The Intrepid Traveler" width="300" height="224" />

If you are seeing this message, either you haven't Liked the Carr Communications page or you are viewing this content outside of Facebook.

When the content for this Facebook tab was prepared in WordPress it looked like this:








As Seen In the Editor









In the first case, I’ve added like=”1″ to the fbtab shortcode to say this code should only be shown to people who’ve liked the page, whereas in the second example I’m using like=”0″ to say the second snippet of content (the code to display the Like button widget) should only be shown to people who have NOT liked my page. In either case, I can optionally add a short message telling them what they’re not seeing.

For more documentation on how this works, see the plugin homepage and my blog posts on liked/not liked content and the fbtab shortcode.

Alternately, you can use the like attribute in combination with getpostid, which may be cleaner. You can create two fbtab posts and pull them into a single post that includes the like/unlike code. You can also include a page or blog post this way.

[fbtab getpostid="5" like="1"]
[fbtab getpostid="1337" like="0"]

It’s Nice to Be Liked

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