Floating Callout

About the Author

David F. Carr

Create a floating sidebar of promotional callout, aligned float right or float left. Set the width, margin, padding, background, color, and border.

Download from wordpress.org/plugins/floating-callout/

Creates a Gutenberg block displayed float right or float left relative to other content. You may set padding, margins, background color or background image, border style and border color.

Useful for creating an information sidebar, such as an About the Author block within an article, or a callout such as an invitation to register for your webinar within an article on the same topic.

Takes advantage of the new editor introduced with WordPress 5.0, which makes it possible to create custom formats that are displayed the same (or at least approximately the same) in the editor and on your website. (In the editor, Floating Callout displays a banner across the top of wrap-around formatting block, which makes it easier to set formatting parameters for the wrapper and navigate to the paragraphs and other content contained within it.)

A floating callout displayed within the editor.

Source code at https://github.com/davidfcarr/floating-callout

Borrows from techniques used in the Wrapper component of the Editor Blocks plugin. Created using Create Guten Block.