Writing Samples for AWS

The samples below are mostly from the marketing writing and executive ghostwriting work I’ve been doing for the past few years, with some journalistic work included near the end. I don’t expect you to read all of this, but it’s meant to show a variety of types and styles of work: formal, informal, technical and business-focused.

The most AWS-focused article I’ve written recently is a review of the book,
How to Leverage AWS and Google Cloud for SAP and Oracle, written as a byproduct of research I did for Rimini Street (but published on LinkedIn rather than through formal Rimini Street marketing channels)

The Book on AWS and Google Cloud for SAP and Oracle Customers

Rimini Street

Much of my work for Rimini Street has me working in the role of ghostwriter for executives and producing articles that cross-promote ebooks, white papers, and webinars. I was a collaborator / editor on ebooks and white papers, but the blog and byline articles are probably better examples of my writing. I’ve also included a revamped company overview brochure I worked on.

How Welch’s Squeezed More Value From IT With Rimini Street – written in collaboration with Dave Jackson, CIO at this client

5 hidden costs to consider before you move to SaaS ERP – published on Diginomica and based on a collaboration with one of the executives leading Rimini’s cloud strategy.

Why enterprise IT is moving to the cloud – and when it’s not – written in collaboration with a former Gartner analyst, now a market research executive at Rimini

What It Took for Me, as a CIO, to Consider Rimini Street – written in collaboration with a former CIO who now works for Rimini

Seeking The Next Salesforce Services Revolution at Dreamforce 2018 – written in collaboration with the product leader for Salesforce managed services

What Retailers Have In Common on IT Spending and Digital Innovation – written in preparation for the National Retail Federation conference, working with the executive who had the most background working with retailers

A few more technical articles, based on webinar content:

How To Fix Desktop Java Version Glitches With Enterprise Applications

Updating And Securing Java Under Oracle’s Latest Rules

Video: How to Fix ERP Browser Compatibility Issues


This is a revamped company overview brochure supporting new messaging about business value, not just cost savings. This includes input from across the executive team, but the new introduction is largely mine.


Before joining Rimini Street, I was an editorial consultant to RingCentral, particularly working on messaging for the Glip collaboration service RingCentral added to its cloud unified communications suite.

Making WebRTC Work for Enterprise Communication and Collaboration – byline written in collaboration with RingCentral’s API marketing executive (and others)

How Glip Will Thrive as Part of RingCentral – ghost written with Glip’s former CEO, post-acquisition.

Glip Integration in an Afternoon – blog showing simple webhooks integration, with a working code sample I created.

Marketing Writing for Other Clients

Technology Must Let Doctors Be Doctors – ghost written for athenaHealth CEO Jonathan Bush. I had covered health IT when I was at InformationWeek, and Bush (a cousin to George W.) is one of that sector’s most colorful figures.


Forbes.com (I remain an occasional contributor on digital business topics)

Welcoming WordPress 5.0 And The New Editor

More Pixels, Please: Collaboration Goes Hollywood

Future of Work: We’ll Work More (But Be Happier About It?)

SC Magazine / SC Media

One of several ebooks I wrote for this information security publication


A Journalist Codes: 4 Lessons Learned

Phoning Home From Mars On Christmas Eve

Rosetta Mission: Debugging A Comet Landing

NASA Explores New World Of Open Data

Technology Business Management: Nail Down Costs, Find Value

NASA Cloud Migration Saves Millions

CIO Magazine

Defense Systems

Baseline Magazine

Before most people had heard of technologies like Hadoop, I wrote one of Baseline’s most read cover stories on Google’s cloud computing technologies. (July 2006 cover story)

The Strong Angel exercises to improve civil-military collaboration in the wake of disaster were put to the test following the December 2004 tsunami in Indonesia.

I visited The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sierra Leone to understand the challenge of keeping its computer networks running under harsh conditions. (January 2004 cover story)