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Fast Times At A Global Web Flower Shop ( column on web performance and search optimization)


Fast Times At A Global Web Flower Shop

David F. Carr, 08.13.10, 06:00 AM EDT

How daFlores speeds load times, boosts search engine optimization.

Francisco Bustos, president of the international flower delivery company daFlores (, does some of his best keyword research and market research while traveling throughout Latin America.

Because he does business not only with people who live in the region, but also their friends, families and loved ones living in the U.S. and elsewhere, Bustos needs to know how well his website performs in Colombia or Argentina or Mexico. He wants to know both how fast the image of an arrangement will load into an Argentine user’s browser and how well his Spanish-language search engine optimization is performing. (More at

One detail I left out of the published column: Bustos began focusing on performance partly because it dovetailed with his interest in search engine optimization – particularly after Google changed its ranking formula to give more points to websites that load quickly (the “Caffeine” release of the Google search algorithm).