Thank You for Your Web Hosting Business

Thank you your subscription payment. Hosting your website with Carr Communications Inc. allows me to give it my personal attention, particularly to support and maintain any customizations I add on your behalf.

If you do not immediately hear from me about next steps, please feel to follow up:

David F. Carr, 954-757-5827 (desk phone, rolls over to my mobile)

New Site Setup

If you have not previously communicated with me about the domain name you want associated with your website, that is one of the first things you should write to me about. You will need to set a couple of “name server” parameters with the domain registrar to point to and I can help you through this process.

Toastmasters Website Setup

If you are hosting a Toastmasters club website with me, it will be set up with the Toastmasters-branded Lectern theme and the RSVPMaker / RSVPMaker for Toastmasters plugins. I will also help you make sure the plugins are kept current. If you previously established a site on the service, I will help you copy over the content and member data.