Toastmasters Club Website Hosting

In addition to supporting the free service for Toastmasters clubs, Carr Communications offers web hosting services to clubs who have a budget and an ambitious or tech savvy webmaster. Either way, you can take advantage of the WordPress for Toastmasters software created by David F. Carr that adds Toastmasters-specific features to the WordPress online publishing and marketing platform.

Running the software on an independent website has a number of advantages:

  • Hosting at your own domain ( instead of, which has some branding advantage / cachet
  • Access to all available WordPress plugins and themes, not just the subset offered on
  • Full access to your hosting account, including access to the Cpanel utility, email accounts, and FTP

To be clear, the software is open source and will run on any web server or hosting package that supports WordPress, including options that are lower cost than what I offer. By giving your business to me, you get a little more personal attention from the developer of the software. You also help me offset the cost of running the free service.

Please use the subscription form below to sign up for an annual subscription to our hosting services ($200 per year) to be automatically billed annually through PayPal.

Domain to Host


The Carr Communications subscription fee does not include domain registration. We recommend that clients register and own their own domain, through a service such as GoDaddy. Once I have received your subscription payment, we will work together to associate the domain with the web server if that has not already been done. Email accounts can also be managed through the same server (although you may want to consider other options such as managing your email through a Google GMail account or through GoDaddy).

In addition to providing web server resources to host your site, Carr Communications will maintain and support any customizations (such as custom plugins or themes) of our own design. Our support is generous, but not unlimited. Additional fees may be charged for solving problems caused by plugins not of our design of for the development of new software to meet your specific needs.

Any additional fees will be subject to your approval, based on a detailed proposal.