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How to Add/Edit Events (Campaign Website Package)

This is a how-to post for users of my campaign website customization of WordPress.

On the administration menu, I’ve added “Add/Edit Event” as a choice under “Posts.” Look on the left hand side of the screen, and you will see “Posts” at the top. You may need to click on the down arrow next to “Posts” so that its sub-menus are displayed. A regular “Post” is a blog entry, as opposed to a “Page” (a standing page like the home page or candidate bio). Like a blog entry, an event is time-sensitive but events “expire” off the website after the event date is past.

Click on “Add/Edit Event” to display the event editor.

Event Editor
Event Editor

The event editor will initially display a blank form, which you can use to enter a new event. Events that have been previously recorded in the system are listed at the bottom of the editor page. Click on any of these events to load it into the editor.

To enter an event, set the date and time, and enter a title (“Campaign Kick-Off’) and description (where it will be, why people should attend).

If you are going to collect RSVPs for this event, include one or more valid email addresses in the box that says “Email address for notifications” (leave this blank for no RSVPs).

The next two fields are also related to taking RSVPs. You have the option to add special instructions for the RSVP form (for example, “This will be a potluck dinner, so let us know what dish you plan to bring by entering it in the Notes field on the RSVP form”) and customizing the confirmation message displayed after someone completes the RSVP form (usually “Thank you!” is sufficient, but occasionally you might want to elaborate with something like “Thank you, and please remember to bring your pot luck dish!”).

Potential Source of Confusion: I have also created a page titled “Events” in the WordPress system. If you go to edit that page, you will see something like this:

How Events Page Appears in Editor
How the Events page appears in the editor

That placeholder code inside the brackets is tells WordPress to insert the current events listing into that spot in the page, after the introductory message and before the disclaimer.

You can edit the text before or after that code, but don’t delete the placeholder. Don’t enter event information directly into this page. Use the “Add/Edit Events” feature as described above.