Caspio Deploy2

The Caspio Deploy2 plugin is a retooling of a plugin this online database service initially offered for integration with WordPress.

Caspio offers a Software-as-a-Service development environment for database forms, reports, graphs, and charts. After designing an application within this cloud computing tool, you click the Deploy button, and Caspio generates a snippet of JavaScript code to be embedded in your web page, and the application will be displayed in that spot.

Alternatively you can use an SEO Deployment option, in which the content is dynamically loaded into your website and displayed in a way that search engines can index. (Not so important for interactive forms, but useful for reporting applications such as real estate listings or job postings).

The plugin uses WordPress shortcodes to make it easier to integrate this content by adding a placeholder within a page or post. This works better than trying to paste JavaScript or PHP code into the WordPress editor.

The original Caspio plugin only addressed the SEO deployment scenario and posed some potential compatibility problems, depending on how WordPress was configured. I was originally hired to do marketing copywriting and SEO for Caspio, so the plugin project was a spinoff of my involvement.

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