WordPress Websites

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, originally known as a blogging platform but today a good foundation for any content-oriented website. WordPress is open source and can be enhanced with a wide variety of plugin modules and themes. It’s visual editing tools allow nontechnical people to create blogs and web pages, add images, and style content.

Companies like The Walt Disney Company and major publications like the New Yorker magazine use WordPress as one big component of their marketing and publishing activities. Eventually, you may want to pay for commercial software or cloud services for functions like marketing automation and link them into your WordPress website.

But for a startup, WordPress is an excellent starting point.

We can help you set up and customize a WordPress website, or work with your technology and marketing teams to manage it.

Carr Communications co-founder David F. Carr is the author of several WordPress plugins, including RSVPMaker for event and registration management, and is the creator of the WordPress for Toastmasters software and Toastmost.org service for chapters of Toastmasters International, the public speaking and leadership development organization.